Carrie Bradshaw’s Evolution

Sex and the city reruns have dominated my down time in the past few weeks. The SATC kicks that I have a few times a year, calls for re-watching the whole series, quoting one liners, and of course admiring, what is universally known as the fifth star of the show -fashion. There is no other fashion icon and lover of fashion like Carrie Bradshaw and her outfits throughout the series reminded me of that, and spawned me to theorize how her character growth can be seen through Carrie’s fashion and you can say vice versa, her fashion choices reflect the many of her character themes and different points in her life.

The Beginnings: Fur Rules All


Carrie donned the big  fur  coat often when we first met her. Always seemed like she just happened to throw it on sloppily on top of whatever she was wearing, it didn’t matter. Seemed as if it was an excessive statement and you get the feeling that she thinks she has something to prove. I always thought at this point, Carrie was more sarcastic and cynical and not put together, just like her outfits.


More Demure, Still a Mess

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At around midway through the series you see her in more sophisticated, dressy pieces such as tight fitting gowns or evening cocktail dresses that she wore to various social events and parties to accompany other men, or because she had ulterior motives involving Mister Big. The outfits seem to say ‘I’m trying to be confident and prove my independence, whilst dating various odd men, and then finding the perfect guy, then cheating on him with my ex’.


Ms. Published Writer


Ahh, this is when I feel like she starts dressing her best and be her best. The outfits were some of my favorite pieces of hers throughout the whole series. She looked cute and flirty, feminine, and her outfits would have some unique feature that made her look stand out but wasn’t too crazy, and looked put together. She was starting to finally figure things out, and was more mature, and sure of who she was more than ever before, which was a result of accomplishing a huge feat of having her book published. She also softened up on the cynicism and was more open to the idea of romanticizing in a rational way, which I think was reflected by her fun outfits. She even sported a cute, polished shorter haircut!


All Things End in Paris

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I specifically wanted to highlight the series finale (the Paris episodes) because she had a lot of outfit changes that were all very beautiful. A lot of it was definitely high end for sure, very lavish, haute couture, which I think was because she was consciously paying homage to the fashion capital of the world that is Paris. I think it officially marked her as the fashion icon that she is and showed how much respect and love she has for fashion.








My ‘Bag’spirations

I’ve been wanting to buy a new bag lately, especially since my Coach one was all worn out and was tearing apart, I needed a new one right away. I wanted something that fit my style but wouldn’t break the bank. Unfortunately I have very expensive tastes, so I ended up settling for a charming little KC Jagger purse  from Neiman Marcus Last Call that was satisfactory for the mean time and was not too pricey. It does not get me excited when I look at it because it is not the best construction, but it serves its purpose as a container for my things and is a cute colorblock design. I kept researching and looking at bags even after my purchase to narrow down what I really liked because there are so many options and brands out there in the market and I didn’t have time to think about which bag I really loved enough to purchase the first time around, because my old one needed to be replaced right away, but I wanted to put together a kind of wishlist for what I would want to purchase next time when I get the opportunity. I also wanted to gather my thoughts and see the bags that stood out to me and curate them so I would be able to compare side by side and assess my tastes and what I want in a bag. So here are the bags I’ve picked out so far:

Ted Baker, Samirra

Chloe, Nellie

Fendi, ‘Monster’

Saint Laurent, Monogram Grained Leather Shopper

Fendi, 3Jours


Today I was talking to my boyfriend about nostalgia, and thinking back to a time that wasn’t particularly good or exciting but still looking back and thinking, those were the days. I couldn’t help feeling the same way, but especially today my mind and body indulged on the euphoric metaphorical drug of nostalgia. The feeling had suddenly crept up on me, like a lurking shadow and unexpectedly too. I felt a mixture of emotions -excitement, nervousness, not knowing what to expect, and I remembered that I felt this exact way this time last year. It was as if my body was going through a time hop like you see on Facebook, (one year ago today, this is what happened… ) and my mind caught up to what was going on a few minutes later. Maybe it could also be that your body goes through a cyclic range of emotions where the same emotions hit you at the anniversary of that certain time.

Then I started to involuntary reminisce about other things in my past like where I used to live over a year ago in an apartment all on my own. Or the time I was walking back to my dorm on 24th street in Austin and some guy was singing Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, probably just ironically, but I felt a jolt of excitement because I was really into that song at the time and it was Friday, and it was my first year in college and I was alone, but I felt happy in that moment because… I guess I felt I was part of something, part of the fun. And it was Friday. Friday night. And I was alone, but I couldn’t be happier. Simple times like that my first year of college are some of the moments that bring me serenity and comfort.

Other songs started to make me think back to another time too, like Eminem’s Lose Yourself, which came out around the time I was in 6th grade, and it just makes me think of classmates and everyone talking about that movie and singing that song, and Eminem didn’t look so bad in that movie……

What I thought about most though today was when I first started talking to my boyfriend and hanging out with him. That was only 4 months ago, but its already becoming nostalgic. But it’s just weird to think where my mind was back then, and where it is now. And thinking back and catching those small moments or realizing something now that I couldn’t before. Reliving the moments of awkward interactions, exchanging smiles & gazes, politeness, electricity in accidental touches, our first kiss, admittance of feelings, how cute and romantic it all was, just getting lost in this nostalgia. Thinking back on it makes my heart so full and fluttery. We’re not in that courting phase anymore but it makes me realize how happy I am and the future I have to look forward to with someone that I know will continue to make my heart flutter.


Back in High School

I’m in high school and I’m late. No I’m actually in college but for some reason I’m attending my old high school. I always have these dreams where I go back either there or my old elementary school as if I’m attending it for college credit, but this time I think I was just attending for no reason. So I’m late and there’s something wrong with my car because one of the lights come on. Why does it feel like I keep abusing my car and taking it for granted? It says there something wrong with the right trombone I think? It actually says that explicitly instead of just a small icon that lights up. My friends ex bf messages me on Facebook and gives me his number and says, “if you ever feel 😕😄😫” I messaged my friend immediately telling her about it, the funny thing is apparently I already had his number from when they were together and he was texting me looking for her. But I guess I was dreaming about him because he recently liked my picture on Facebook. So that’s where that part came from. So I’m late and I’m just sitting there and haven’t left yet. My dad comes out with some tools. How did he know I was having car trouble? Probably typical for me by now 😑 so he says you should probably stay home from school and my mom gets sooo pissed. Come on mom, why are you mad, I’ve already graduated at this point. But school is still school to her and I must not miss it. They get into a big fight and somehow that turned into my dad yelling at her for pouring this liquor down the drain because it has particles in it that people can use to detect where we live? They don’t even drink. He says we’ll have to pour bleach down the drain. Ok dad. Meanwhile, I texted my friends asking if they remember having to call in and report their absences in high school, which probably doesn’t pertain to me because I’m not technically a student there anymore. Tracy says she doesn’t remember and asks if I can help her with her economics homework and has already pasted the questions 😆 Kimmy says she doesn’t remember either but remember when we earned fake money for attendance and traded it in to buy stuff? And she sends me the picture of the fake money. Sigh. Some friends. 😝

Overview of Maybelline Concealers



Hey there beauty lovers! I am doing a brand overview of four different Maybelline concealers that I have tried and repurchased in the past. As you can see I’ve used these up a great deal to be able to do a thorough overview on each one so you can have an idea of the different purposes they serve and can decide which one to go with. I think Maybelline is the best brand out there when it comes to drugstore concealers in terms of formula and coverage, and I truly like all of the concealers that I’ve tried so far. Most of them are creamy and apply and blend so smoothly. So here is how I would rank them:


1. Fit Me Concealer

This one is my all time favorite drug store concealer and one that I have repurchased time and time again. It goes so creamy underneath the eyes and blends out very seamlessly and smooth without the use of an eye cream or moisturizer. It’s also light enough to brighten up the eyes which is an effect I love when concealing dark circles. But it is not too light, so its also great to cover up all over the face. Now I don’t think it 100% fully covers up blemishes or dark spots or anything else, but the coverage is still pretty high.

2. Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Concealer

This is a great under the eye (obviously) and all over the face concealer too. Its also very smooth and easy to blend but I get it in the neutralizer shade so its not as brightening underneath the eyes. I know there’s a brightener shade that will probably be perfect for that but I didn’t want to get that one if I couldn’t use it all over the face as well.

3. Face Studio Master Conceal

Now the face studio master conceal is the newest out of the bunch and so I am currently only one my first tube (but almost out!). As the name suggests, it is very high coverage, but to be fair still does not completely wipe out blemishes into invisibility (I’m still searching for that concealer), but nonetheless is the highest coverage out of the bunch. Under the eyes, it cancels out dark circles, but I feel like it’s a little drying, so I typically will use a dampen makeup sponge for an even and smooth coverage. It conceals blemishes very nicely with like I said, very good coverage and won’t look cakey.

4. Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer

I bought this one recently after trying it out 2 or 3 years ago. I remember liking it a lot and remembered how nice and smooth it looked under my eyes. However after using it again, I found that it looks very dry without a moisturizing base underneath and applies very patchy. This was a little disappointing so from then on out I have to prep my under eyes with a moisturizing eye cream so that it can give the ultimate effect which is very brightening up and canceling dark circles. It is the most brightening out of all of them which is no surprise because it serves as a highlighter. Because of that, I don’t use it as an all over concealer and wouldn’t recommend doing that as it will bring out the blemishes as a highlighter. But if you do everything right, it is just the perfect product to illuminate the under eye. I know everyone is into highlighting in a triangular shape nowadays in that region under the eye and above the cheekbones and I’d say it is perfect for that. I’ve actually tried that method out and the effect is very nice and glowy. However I don’t know if it’s because I have really dry skin under my eyes or if this concealer is not moisturizing enough but because of that, I probably won’t be repurchasing this because it’s just too much of a hassle for me.

Waterpark (My dream last night)

Waterpark/zoo is fun when you go with your lover. That’s where I was, and that’s where we were immersed in for awhile, along with other people at our work. I think the whole place was closed just for people at our company, but we went off on our own and lost the people in our department because I didn’t want them to see us together. But after all the animal shows and countless water rides I started to lose you, and couldn’t remember your face. Then I encountered all the past lovers that broke my heart and became really sad, and had potential suitors that were interested in me but I didn’t feel right with them and I didn’t want them. Then I completely lost the memory of you but I remembered the feeling of happiness of being with someone recently, but I didn’t know who it was. I had to have been with someone right? The feeling was so fresh, but who was it? I couldn’t remember. I only remembered the last person that I was with who broke my heart and I thought oh maybe I’ve been alone this whole time and there was no one else after that. I’m almost 25 and I thought I was on the track to finding a potential life partner again, but now I guess I’m single and starting over. That’s okay, it’s not the end of the world….I’ve gone through this before, I’m fine with being alone and if it takes me longer to find someone then so be it. But then, I saw you smiling at me in a corner of the park, and I suddenly remembered everything again. It wasn’t all my imagination, you were real. And you make me so happy and I remembered the love we have and how strong and sincere it is. There is a parade of animals, elephants, goats, and you get really excited so we walk to the fence that is in front of them and we watch together, I couldn’t be happier. 🙂


I love you AR. ❤

Quick and Easy Manicured Nail Look


Hey everyone! I wanted to show you what I have been wearing on my nails the past week. I love doing my nails but at the same time dread the thought of it because it’s time consuming, and I don’t like knowing that I’ll be without the use of my hands for at least an hour while my nails dry. So I thought of a way to achieve a manicured look that requires little effort.


I used OPI’s Step Right Up, a sheer pink toned white and the Out The Door fast drying top coat. The fact that Step Right Up is a sheer polish, I don’t really worry too much about painting a perfect, neat coat and since I only use one coat, it dries super fast especially layering it with the top coat. It took about 15 minutes for each hand, from applying the nail polish and top coat to letting it dry to the touch.

This combination makes my nails look beautiful and clean as if I’d just left the nail salon! The sheer color combined with the shine of the top coat remind me of press on nails and I also feel like it makes my nails look longer and elegant.


I’m at a point where I always want something on my nails because it makes me feel put together and feminine. So this will be my go to nail look for those in between times when I don’t feel like putting in the effort to paint an opaque color on my nails.